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Web design by ITLogic Established in 1997, ITlogic Solutions provides internet-based services in web design, development and Search Engine Optimisation with a focus on:

Website Design, Web Application Programming, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Web Marketing

to companies in a wide range of activities. With a strong emphasis on producing tangible website-design results for companies from their websites, ITLogic's services has added value in numerous cases to create positive interest and enquiries from a powerful web-presence.

Our in-house competencies include the following:

HTML - applicable to static website design and to dynamic web-design when used in conjunction with other technologies below

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - maximise the pertormance of your website

Javascript - adds effects and functionalities

ITLogic Solutions E-commerce Websites E-commerce - handling online sales and payments from your website

PHP - programming language used for numerous functionalities, particularly for interfacing to a MySQL database

Graphic design - the art of imagery

ITLogic Solutions Database Design and ProgrammingDatabase Design (MySql) - secure storage of data of any kind, with user-friendly accessibility interfaces.

Premium Rate Cellphone Services - competitions, automated response information services etc

Multimedia Production using video/graphics etc - combining graphics,video,text,sounds,music into a dynamic presentation viewable using various media

ITLogic offers full-service Interactive e-Business Solutions, including website design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO), multimedia and internet marketing applicable using the above technologies, plus website hosting, e-mail and ancilliary services.

HTML -the basic language of the Web
PhP programming/scripting languages - vital for any website needing interactivity - you've got it!
XML Language
Adobe Flash - Advnced animation
Perl Programming Language
Brilliant Open Source database software