Compliance with Government Directive on   COVID 19 EMERGENCY

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The Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Technologies announced on 26 March 2020, new regulations which compel owners of all websites within the .za Top Level Domain (TLD) Space to carry a link prominently on the Home Page of the website.

This means that any website using the suffix in it's URL is legally obliged to carry such a link.

The link will be to the goverment website at

This directive is issued in terms of the Disaster Management Act(57/2002) which empowers Ministers of Government to issue such directives.

The relevant Government Gazette, number 43164, can be downloaded from the Government Printing Works in PDF format by clicking this link:

Government Gazette

The appropriate clause in that document is paragraph 5.1.4.

To ensure that your website complies in all respects with this directive, please contact us using the form below or call the number shown. We will handle the placement of the necessary link on your website home page at the low cost of R 550.00 which will also include removal of that link, restoring the website to it's original state, once the emergency is over and the appropriate announcement by the Department of Health follows.

Please complete the form below or call 079 939 7529.

We will require further information such as login details etc. to the control panel of your website and for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) purposes of updating the relevant HTML file of your homepage. A backup of that page will be stored for use if necessary.

We will contact you via the contact details provided with your enquiry, to obtain the necessary further information.

Call : 079 939 7529