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"Always do more than is required of you." George S. Patton

Web Design

We create and design effective and attractive, responsive and SEO-optimised websites for any business, enterprise, club, association or organisation or individual etc!

Today your website is the public face of your company or organisation - let us help ensure that the public sees your best face!

Our aim in creating your website is to generate interest and response - interest in your products or services and response to those in terms of enquiries which lead to sales!



If your current website is not producing satisfactory results in terms of enquiries it could be as a result of failure to correctly optimise the pages and/or to submit the data to search engines.

ITLogic has many years experience of optimizing client websites - we do not build a website that does not include basic optimization, and as a result, our clients' websites are valuable marketing assets, which produce results!


Database planning, database programming and database management are critical to the success of many advanced projects and applications.

Our expertise in this field extends over many years

This includes design,creation and impementation of database driven systems for membership management, sales and personnel records management and other critical functionalities.

INTERNET Marketing

The Internet offers unparalleled opportunities for Marketing of Products and Services.

ITLogic can advise and guide you in creating and leveraging these opportunities.

90% of sales enquiries to businesses today originate from the Internet. It is said that a first impression is made within 7 seconds! Whilst your competitors have a website and can make that impression, and a good website makes a good impression, without a website or with a poorly designed website, how can you?

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